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Escaping The Darkness
Running From My Dreams

New Age Poetry

Verified Reader Review


Let's take a few moments to dive into the newly published poetry book, ESCAPING THE DARKNESS: RUNNING FROM MY DREAMS written by poet, Christopher Bice. I purchased the Kindle eBook version of this book in June of 2021.

A book cover is your prelude, a strong hint, as to the subject that will be played out within the interior of your book. This particular book cover conveys a desperate urgency as indicated by the title and the image of a male figure running away, towards the light filtering through the open doorway. This urgency sets the tones for the poems found within this book. When we see an image like this in runaway mode, "escaping the darkness," we tend to think it is because something unpleasant is occurring, feelings of turmoil are ensuing and we are searching for safer ground.

Mr. Bice's poetry book is drenched in a plethora of emotions from beginning to end. The tone throughout the book is heavy, saturated in rich imagery that builds throughout each poem. Joy and pain seem to intermingle and figure prominently in his writing.

The emotions conveyed in his work are raw and real. Internal anguish is prominent. Mr. Bice is not afraid to speak of love and give you a bittersweet ending.

Mr. Bice's writing is not traditional. He writes outside of the box, and does not cater to perceived expectations. His writing is unapologetically teeming with unexpected twists and turns i.e., true love in all it's riveting glory, ending in either loss and/or death and/or longing. This is bold. ​ There is a haunting element to his writing that touches the reader's core. These are deeply raw, sentimental moments the reader stumbles upon. I walked away from the last page feeling thoughtful and brimming with the realization that we are all fragile and therefore must make a point of cherishing every moment that unfolds in our lives.

This poetry book is definitely worth purchasing and adding it to your reading arsenal.

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Analog Books is a local bookstore in Lethbridge Alberta. This is a small business that supports local authors like myself. Always buy local when possible.

Not in the Lethbridge area? No worries. Just send me a note through the contacts button and I can tell you how you can purchase a personalized signed copy delivered directly to you.
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