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A special place where I can share a few poems and other things with you. Check back often to catch what's happening.


Who’s the strangest one 

in my family  

Well, it’s quite obvious  

That would be me 


I hear the voices  

Inside my head 

To my family  

Don’t worry, they’re all dead 


The voices whisper  

Their secrets to me 

I write out their stories  

As poetry  


I always listen  

They have tales to tell 

Love, death, and madness 

Don’t always end well 


Now that I’m older 

They plead me to go and find 

Give instructions to the family  

They left behind 


But how can I do this 

They’d see my insanity  

If I were to tell them 

I hear voices inside of me 


Who’s the strangest one 

In my family  

Well from this tale 

One could say it is me 


But I think that a poet 

Has to live inside their head 

Then I must be fine so, 

I’ll choose my brother instead. 


Christopher Bice.  


Who’s the Strangest One in My Family?

A little bit of fun from a writing prompt given out at my last Creative Writing class. Sorry brother, no offence intended.

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