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A Year To Forget

Well here I go again. Welcome back you say? Well thank you all so much. I’m happy to finally be in a position where I may be able to write a bit more. My first blog for quite some time and it also works as my last blog for 2022. Yes I planned it this way. No really I did plan it.

Ahh where to start…do I just maybe do a bit of a catch up thing? Maybe. Anyways, here I go.

2022 the year to forget. That’s an understatement. We survived two surgeries (me) and three deaths in the family. Of course those come with funeral arrangements, wills, legal agreements, and of course major stress. My poor wife has been handling most of this stuff and she has suffered. I try to do what I can to help her through it all even if it’s just as a shoulder to cry on or sit and just listen as she vents about whatever.

My surgeries went well and I’m still in physiotherapy because I tend to do stupid things. You know like lift something that is too damn heavy and re-injure the leg. Oh the last surgery, just so you know, was to remove a bone fragment that broke off my hip when I originally broke the leg. I also got the bursa scraped out to try and remove the huge lump on my hip. The hunch hip of Coalhurstdame. Lol.

As most people, who know me, know we also lost our little Bentley this year. One of the hardest things I’ve had to go through. I still get wimpy some days when something triggers a memory. Like maybe right now. Damn! According to my wife I was in a major depression or something and I needed to get not one but two new pups to help me through it all. I must have been bad if it takes two to help me. So Kaiser and Karl came home with us. They’re Beaver pups (pronounced Beeva) and of course they are brothers. Isn’t that just spiffy eh? Two boys to play together, sleep together, fight together. We were told they would grow to be around six pounds but Karl is now ten pounds and Kaiser is, I think, eight pounds. Ahh yes the retired life.

This is where I jump in to say that not everything is doom and gloom. Okay there I said it. What? No it’s okay, our light at the end of the tunnel may be a flickering bulb ready to explode but we will survive. We are a team, my wife and I. We are hoping to get away for a bit of a vacation just after Christmas and we are praying that nothing else goes awry while we gone.

I think you all have probably had enough of me for this blog so I’m going to end it right quick here. I just want to say that I hope 2023 will be a more positive year for everyone. I’m sure you all have stories that you could share. We are all survivors. We all survived the death trap that was 2022.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Hopefully I’ll be back in 2023.


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