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Expo Time in Country Roads

Well here we are again. February is about over, and I guess for me another birthday under my belt. This past week has been a busy one for me because the RV Park here in Yuma held its annual Art Expo where all the locals and the other RV parks were invited to come to our park to see all the separate groups offered and to talk about the activities available to our residents.

I suppose it could be called a recruitment Expo. We have some incredibly talented people here at our park and this event is great for highlighting everything that is available. From in-house dance lessons to pickleball, tennis, card groups and of course Creative writing. (The last one is my personal favorite) It was a fun event and we had so many people come out to ask questions and to just explore our park.

Sound like something that you might be interested in? This is a wonderful place for Snowbirds to migrate to for those nasty winter months. I will drop the link at the end. Come check us out.

Not much else to report. I updated the ‘Appearance” section and the ‘Teasers’ area as well. Please take a walk through the website and do not be afraid to drop me a line if the feeling comes over you.

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