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Live From Yuma Arizona

I am not going to lie; I find writing these blogs to be an exceedingly difficult venture for me. I mean they hardly ever rhyme, they should be written well and at least a little bit coherent whenever possible. I am a poet not a novelist. Okay I will get on with it now that I have griped about having to do it.

The wife and I made it to Yuma, as many of you already know, and after a brief time we were able to fit back into our routines down here. By routines I mean I do the BBQing and the dishes most of the time, but I am not complaining. We always take turns with the chores, and I have less activities than she does so it just makes sense that I jump in and help around the house.

For me, I do the bridge thing, the pool (and yes that is the swimming pool)thing, and of course I belong to the Country Roads Writers Club. It was great fun to come back into the fold and get reacquainted with all the other members. We have a great club down here.

Coming up very quickly, on the 17th is our ‘Art Expo’ here in the park. All the different clubs here showcase their clubs to people from Yuma and of course to new renters/owners here within the park. We will have our little table set up with the hopes of getting new members into the club. If I can, I will try and do a ‘Facebook live’ video of the event. So, mark your calendars and if you happen to follow me on Facebook you will be able to join us here at the park.

Okay I am out of here! Enjoy your life because I am enjoying mine.


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